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By on May 20, 2014



Roof cleaning is not a “pressure washing” job. Never let anyone clean your roof by power washing. High pressure water can release large amounts of roofing granules. Roofing granules dislodge very easily which is why most gutters always have a certain amount of roofing granules inside that have released from rain and wind. Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing has been servicing New Jersey since 1996. We clean all types of residential roofs like asphalt shingle, cedar and slate roofs. We also clean commercial roofs like rubber roofs and EPDM rubber roofing.

Everything staining the roof is alive and contagious. Our roof cleaning process kills mold, mildew, algae and roof moss. We approach this like “pest control”. Similar to how an exterminator treats a home for roaches. Cleaning a roof with a pressure washer is like power washing to get rid of roaches. An exterminator has the right products to kill and completely eliminate roaches. We use the right product to completely eliminate the roof mold, and we back it up with a 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty.

Black staining on a roof is a single cell bacterium called Gloeocapsa Magma. It spreads from roof to roof through airborne spores. These spores start landing on the roof the same day it’s installed. It can take many years to become visible and will usually show sooner on the shady sides of the roof. Just because the roof appears stained only on certain sections you can be sure these spores are everywhere. Mold spores cannot communicate and do not choose where to land. They land everywhere but grow faster on the shady sides of the roof where it is cooler and retains more moisture.

Moss and lichen are most damaging to the roof. These two growths develop a root system in the roofing shingle. It is not wise to scrape, scrub or pressure wash moss and lichen. It is best to treat it with our anti-microbial detergent then let it die and decompose on its own. Moss and lichen die immediately after treatment but can take several weeks to wash away with rains. Dead moss and lichen will dry out and decompose, just like treating weeds in a sidewalk. If you spray a weed killer on weeds in a sidewalk how long will it take for the dead weed to dry out and decompose? This is similar to roof cleaning. After treating moss and lichen it can take roughly 90 days to wash away from the shingle. The dislodging moss will not clog the gutter. The moss does not release all at once. It happens little by little at an immeasurable pace. The roof will come clean guaranteed. It always does. We back it up with our 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty. We let the moss and lichen dislodge naturally to avoid creating scars on the roofing shingle.

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar roofs are beautiful and can last many years of asphalt shingle roofs. Cedar roofs cannot be walked on during treatment. Cedar roofs require the mildest of detergents. Cedar roof are the only type of roofs that are rinsed after treatment. Our process can completely eliminate mold, moss and algae from any cedar shingle roof without using a pressure washer.

Slate Roof Cleaning

Slate roofs are the most gratifying to clean. A slate roof with a lot of staining can certainly subtract from the beauty of a slate roof. Black staining can hide the natural inconsistencies of color on slate shingles. We never walk on slate roofs for cleaning. Slate roofs require the strongest of detergents and we add more surfactant so the detergent will stick to the slate shingle without running off.

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